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Kids To College was originally introduced to the Charlotte, NC area by Dr. Donald Tibbs in August 1996. He received training in the area of SAT preparation to assist students to increase their scores on the Official SAT exam.

After being sought out by the Campus Connections Organization, Charlotte, NC, to help their students achieve better scores, Dr. Tibbs designed a specific program tailored to identify with obstacles and challenges faced by minority students in obtaining higher scores on the SAT. In his first year of successfully assisting their students, Dr. Tibbs discovered there was an exceptional urgency to provide a broader opportunity for minority families whose economic means disqualifies them from participating in this type of training. As his career took him in a different direction, he incorporated the services of Nathan Tibbs, his brother, in August of 2002.

Since 2002, under the direction of Nathan Tibbs, MEd., Kids To College has continued to work with Campus Connections in Charlotte, NC and has added 3 other organizations to their services:

1) The Black and Hispanic Achievers Program at the Hayes-Taylor YMCA - Greensboro, NC

2) S.H.O.T.S. Program through North Carolina A & T State University - Greensboro, NC

3) Bethlehem Family Development Group - Charlotte, NC

We have also had the privilege of conducting classes randomly in the following locations: Charlotte (NC), Greensboro (NC), Monroe (NC), Rocky Mount (NC), Winston-Salem (NC), Cheraw (SC), Chester (SC), Columbia (SC), Lancaster (SC), Rock Hill (SC), and Miami (FL).

Over the years, our classes have helped many students to understand and utilize the techniques necessary to work toward and achieve “improved” scores on the SAT. We have also found that our techniques, when implemented properly by the students, have helped them to improve study habits and grades in school. Some techniques even have longevity and can be utilized as study tools in high school and college as they pursue their educational careers.

Many families rely on a good GPA to produce a good SAT score, and that has proven to be an unstable method to obtain a high score on the SAT. Over the years, our classes have consistently enrolled students with the following profile: The average student’s GPA will range from 3.0 – 4.3, and the average SAT score will be around 920 - 1000. This is why we teach our classes!

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that the student attend a preparation course designed to teach and reinforce the skills necessary for a competitive score. This is probably the most important part of the preparation process. Studying for the New SAT, without a preparation course, and road map to follow is equivalent to hiking through the woods at night without a flashlight – you have no idea where you are going, and no idea where you have been!

With the recent insertion of the “New SAT”, we have upgraded our training to focus on the expectations of today’s college campuses to reflect the type of scores that will attract scholarship offers for many students who desire to attend a 4 year College or University.

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Mission Statement

Purpose: The main purpose of the KTC Foundation is to develop and provide an educational support system for urban youth, encourage urban high school students to attend four year colleges or universities, and facilitate that matriculation process through a variety of foundation supported educational camps.

Goals: This overall purpose would be achieved through five main goals:

1) SAT Preparation – Provide students with the necessary skills and training to successfully obtain scores aimed at securing college scholarships.

2) College Survival Seminars - Develop a series of on-going summer educational camps designed to building and improving those skills necessary to be successful college students on undergraduate and graduate levels.

3) “Future Leaders” Tracking System – Provide a system to track foundation supported students throughout their academic career and assist them in forming career decisions. Additionally, develop a network among service professionals, small businesses and corporations aimed at providing “foundation supported” internships for students in their areas of career interest

4) IT Money Matters Program – Develop a series of classes lasting 10 weekends. The first (5) weekends classes will be taught where students will have the opportunity to learn financial awareness in their futures concerning personal budgets and finances, retirement, 401k’s, IRA’s, and mutual funds. The series will conclude with (5) weekends having the students working on projects to improve computer skills and novice abilities to develop websites, instructional design, and graphics.

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Future Programs

TEAS (Nursing Exam) June 2008 - Provide students with the necessary skills and training to successfully assist in qualifying for entrance into Nursing programs in colleges.

ACT (High School) September 2009 - Provide students with the necessary skills and training to successfully obtain scores aimed at securing college scholarships.




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