Class Services

What We Offer:

  • Parent SAT Orientation before every class to help families cope and understand the stress and tensions students experience preparing for the SAT. Adult education on how to better prepare their son/daughter for the SAT.

  • Provide classroom instruction and practice on diverse techniques that enhance the opportunity for students to improve SAT scores.

  • Testing simulations and homework assignments to encourage students to properly prepare for the Official SAT exam.

  • A detailed study guide plan tailored to the Official SAT exam. The study plan is designed to build physical, mental, and emotional skills to combat adverse testing situations.

  • We cover every aspect of the SAT, every section, and every type of question! We teach a combination of technique + substance.

The Description of Instruction:

1) How to Write better essays with structure by identifying common mistakes in writing techniques, sentence structure errors, lack of organization, and using transitions to introduce new ideas. We show students how to properly outline subjects to create a concise, interesting, and informative essay.

2) How to Guess properly on “Difficult” questions. One of the pitfalls faced by students on the SAT is not being trained to utilize strategies that involve making calculated and educated guessing to answer some of those problems that they would normally get wrong or skip over. We use techniques that make a difference in the overall performance of the student on the SAT.

3) How to Read SAT passages with complete success. We use several techniques that keep our students engaged in the passages, raise their concentration levels, and help them to focus better on descriptions. This generates an overall level of understanding what the SAT writers expect from them and provides confidence in the Reading Comprehension section on the SAT, as well as, produce longevity in the current school studies. The techniques teach them a different method of reading to study and recollect all at the same time.

4) How to Improve SAT vocabulary. We use several combined techniques that improve the student’s skills to make better choices. We teach them a study technique that will assist in developing their vocabulary throughout their studies for the SAT and throughout their lifespan.

5) Cover SAT type math problems and review unexpected math areas that may catch students unprepared to answer on the exam.




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