Class Preparation

How to Prepare:

Preparation for the New SAT exam will require a serious commitment of time, energy, and effort. With the New SAT setting new challenges for every student, a preparation class is almost mandatory. The average student that scores 1700+ studies approximately 45 minutes daily for 1 entire month before the actual exam. It is also necessary that the student take 4-5 full length practice exams (under exam simulated timed conditions) prior to the actual exam.

The Most Important Step:

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that the student attend a preparation course designed to teach and reinforce the skills necessary for a competitive score. This is probably the most important part of the preparation process. Studying for the New SAT, without a preparation course, and road map to follow is equivalent to hiking through the woods at night without a flashlight – you have no idea where you are going, and no idea where you have been!

Many high schools offer preparation course, or classes, to prepare students for the New SAT. However, most of these courses are taught by teachers, who have valuable experience in the areas tested on the SAT, but no real SAT test training experience. They lack the knowledge to teach you techniques to increase your score 200-600 points.

What We Offer:

We have been training students in the Charlotte Metropolitan area for over 12 years. We started by working for a major testing company for several years. We decided to bring that same information to a different market. In addition to Charlotte (NC) we have taught classes in Greensboro (NC), Winston Salem (NC), Rocky Mount (NC), Rock Hill (SC), Columbia (SC), and Miami (FL). Our techniques are proven successful!!

In our course you will learn:

  • How to Write better essays with structure.
  • How to Guess properly on “Difficult” questions.
  • How to Deal with Difficult Math Problems.
  • How to Read SAT passages with complete success.
  • How to Successfully use Calculators to conserve valuable exam time.

We cover every aspect of the SAT, every section, and every type of question! We teach a combination of technique + substance. This is why our students consistently score above 1700. We supply each class with detailed study plan tailored to the Official New SAT Exam. The study plan is designed to build skills and assist in mental, physical, and emotional preparation.

Courses begin in August 2008!
Class size is limited and offered on a first-come, first-serve basis!

For information on how to register for classes, please go to CALENDAR/CLASS SCHEDULE & REGISTRATION page.

Please contact Nathan Tibbs @ (704) 763-6278 or via EMAIL.



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