Hello, Mr. Tibbs,

My name is Briana Steele. This summer I was taught by you in an SAT prep class at A&T University through a science program called S.H.O.T.S. I just wanted to e-mail you an update on my personal progress with the SAT (because you said most people don't give you a follow up on how they do). In June I took the SAT and scored a 1570.

It was a blessing the S.H.O.T.S. program had you come in July and teach us about the SAT. Then I applied the daily practice that you assigned for 2 or 3 months the best I could. And in October I took the test and scored a 1700 and an essay score of 8. My score improved by 130 points.

I am very happy with my results. Thanks for the instruction that you gave us because it really helped. I wasn't able to stick to the daily course everyday, but I did as much as I could do, in addition to implementing the skills such as "word charge" benefited me so much. Thank you again for your teaching.


Briana Steele
(July 2007)

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Hello Mr. Tibbs,

I wanted to thank you for taking time to help my daughter last Saturday and Sunday. She said she really enjoyed your class although she was somewhat apprehensive at first. Melanie has been doing her homework, as promised, and is looking forward to taking the SAT again. Melanie took the SAT this past Saturday since it was scheduled prior to meeting you. We are excited about how much she will improve after trying your techniques. I was able to reschedule Melanie for the Nov. SAT as you said. I spoke with someone from CollegeBoard who assisted.

We will keep you informed about her test scores. Thank you once again for your kindness.


LaTanya Harris

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Hi Mr. Tibbs:

I got my SAT scores back from the November SAT! My previous scores on the October test were 500 (critical reading), 520 (math), 510 (writing) & a 6 on the essay.

On the November test I received a 520 (critical reading), 560 (math), 510 (writing), & an 8 on my essay. Thank you so much for all of your help. I am very happy with my scores and happy that I don’t have to take the SAT any more!

So far I have received an acceptance letter from Georgia Southern University in Statesboro and hope to receive lots more.

Thank you so much!

Melanie Harris
p.s. I took your Lancaster KTC class
(October 2007)!

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Mrs. Caroline Kennedy

September 29, 2007

Dear Mr. Tibbs:

I wanted to personally write and say thank you for all of your help. My son, Vincent, took your SAT Prep class on September 15-16th. He had already taken the SAT in June of this year, but we felt his scores were not consistent with his GPA. I can tell you that I was reluctant at first because I wondered to myself, what can he get out of a two day workshop and at one time, I had planned to sign him up for the college board practice subscription. But never the less, I got in contact with you after much prayer and I am so glad. My son has so much confidence. He has been practicing as usual with the daily questions that the SAT college board site sends him and he is getting them right. Before he was only getting less than 50% correct. He is using the strategies that you taught him in his everyday school assignments which make it easier for him to comprehend and work out his math problems. We are following your routine and no matter what time we get home, we make sure he is doing what he is suppose to do for your course. He is seeing that getting in college is no joke and it takes a lot of work. He was so surprised when you told him not to skip any questions since this was the advice he was getting from his school. He was able see how many points he would be able to earn even if he had to guess the answer. I can never tell you how much more confident he is and even when working on the SAT practice, he is able to analyze why he would choose an answer. I think this is a great be able to analyze and to use higher order thinking skills.

I am also using your techniques for my graduate classes. As you know there is much reading and writing in graduate school, so when reading my chapters, your technique saves me time and keeps me focused on my subject. I am not only building my speaking vocabulary, but my writing vocabulary. I am so grateful to you. As an elementary teacher, I am also finding these same techniques can be modified down to elementary school level to assist my students. What a wonderful workshop this would be Mr. Tibbs if you would contract yourself out to the various school systems and give them these tips so that they may be implemented on the End of Course Test and End of Grade test. I truly believe that "our" children would benefit greatly from this. I appreciate all that you do and Vincent has a month to follow your routine. I can't wait to see the improvement that I know he is going to make.

I will continue to recommend your service.


Mrs. Caroline Kennedy
Parent of Vincent Johnson

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Mr. Tibbs:

I hope you remember me. My name is Vincent Johnson. I was in one of your August 2007 classes.

My first SAT was a 1240. I wanted you to know I made a 1380 on my last SAT, so my score went up 140 points. Do you think I need to take it one more time?


Vincent Johnson

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August 19, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Mr. Nathan Tibbs’ SAT Preparation Course. Approximately two years ago, our older child attended this course and saw a 70 point increase in her subsequent SAT score. This year, we have wasted very little time in registering our second child in this very important course.

I very much liked Mr. Tibbs’ common sense pointers and approach to preparing and taking the SAT exam. His teaching style is interesting, down to earth, and relates to his students. I also very much liked the idea that Mr. Tibbs included the parents of his participants in his courses; I found his instructions and strategies to be simple, straightforward, and effective. As a parent, I learned some very important points. It gives me some amusement to praise Mr. Tibbs’ test taking strategies as some of his advice was completely opposite to what I had given my children (do not answer the questions that you are not sure of, since they will not count against your score, but will count against your score if you get it wrong). After Mr. Tibbs explained the reasoning behind his strategy of answering as many questions as possible, even the ones that the student may not know, I had to completely agree!

For a cost of $235.00, I can not think of a better investment (besides Campus Connections) for my children’s future.

Very Sincerely,

Raul K. Thomas
Charlotte, NC

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